Saturday, 27 June 2009


How small the word "Appreciation"is? It’s just one word in your favor or an expression of gratitude or a pampering note and it makes your day. It gives immense motivation inside to do that task more beautifully and appropriately.

If the same is missing, we lose confidence and gradually the interest fades. Or else, it will be just for oneself and secretly kept safe from others.

As Pallav has given awards and he commented on my post that I got some award, although he awarded me “thanks for being my friend”. But, for me it is acting as a catalyst to write more posts, reading others blog and postimg my views there.
Thanks Pallav for keeping the light inside me enlighted.

Sometimes the work is not judged properly and not even recognized(by a person). But still asked to do the work as a favour(for the same person), will that be done willingly???


ashes said...

Yes, appreciation provides encouragement, and if you do something very keenly for someone and they do not appreciate it, not even mention it, though it doesn't defeat your purpose, but makes you feel something is missing.

Priya Joyce said...

yes that'sone of the most imp. things in lyf..n we all consciously or unconsciously long for it. N nothing wrong in that is its truly human.

n yeh congrattz for the awards :)

Sneha said...

well said.:)

Pallav said...

hey i hv given u another award
"u make me smile" too

anyways thanks for mentioning my name
n u deserve it...

n yes sometime in life these small things can do wonders for everyone...


Dimple said...

yes... atleast mentioning is important.

Dimple said...


thanks. and we all long for it in our unconscious mind too.

Dimple said...



Dimple said...


yes.. I saw that but sorry I missed to mention it on my post.

Once again thanks :)

Chan said...

right words to describe the right feeling
keep it up :)

deeps said...

if you found my writing interesting.. its bcoz what you write here ..
i think i got that at the right time and i shot on ..

i hope u will go on to inspire others through ur writings ..

Kiddo said...

well said..appreciation is not a mandatory thing if you do something its not at all required to appreciate but if someone appreciates it gives us immense happiness and thus encourages s to do that task again(if required) with double enthusiasm..thus I think appreciation should be done as and when someone does anything for you.. :)