Monday, 22 June 2009

Switching to a new house

Moving to a new house is a very tedious task and in a country like UK, it becomes all the more tiresome. I never knew before it happened to me this weekend. I had heard that it’s quite tiring to shift from one house to another. I had to move after I had enjoyed a year in the current house.

My friends started calling me before 15days of moving that I should start packing and cleaning daily. But I thought why to waste time everyday in packing and do it in a single go. So, the last day arrived.

And you won't believe me it hardly took me just 3hrs to pack all the stuff. But after this the reality of shifting comes into picture. The new house is already got packed packages to unpack, at the same time the old house needs to be cleaned spic and spam like a new house.

The agreement of the house states that the house should be left with no stains, no water drops on taps, the kitchen should be cleaned as of new, the shelves, drawers must be cleaned thoroughly, the glass windows should shine, the doors should not have fingermarks, the walls should not have any kind of scratches and marks, the switch boards should be absolutely clean, the toilet, bath-tub, wash basin, the tiles, shower should be well cleaned and disinfected and so on and on... Now, this took my full Sunday working, honestly and dedicatedly from morning 11:00am to 8:30pm landing me to a perfect cleaned house. Then, I realized that it’s good to quit the software job and switch to a cleaners job J.

But, last night I had really bad pain in my right hand and unable to sleep. Only after taking a pain killer (which I really avoid till it becomes very very necessary), applying the pain relief balm could I get some sleep.

Hoping that my letting agent be pleased with the house condition. At the end, I am happy with this present home.

PS: Thanks to all who visited and commented there. Friends like you give motivation to rise up to the next step.


Chan said...

Really nice pictorial description, I felt like I am there with you guys when you are shifting the place.
Since I have been in UK, I can understand the pain of moving to a new house,
hope to read more about the new house, about the view, the interior, the rooms everything
write about it soon :)

Chan :)

Sneha said...

So at last done with the shifting.:)
How is your hand now?
I think you must have realized now that its better to complete some part of your work daily rather than waiting for the last moment.

jaeda bhashan ho gaya nai ? :)

take care.:)
and keep writinng.:)

Pallav said...

how painfulm it cu be for u.. i can understand.. but what i suggest now in future mak sure u complete ur all these things on routine basis so tht there will be no hassles at last day...

how is ur hand now.. must be good
do good take care of your self n must visit a doctor once.
n haan
thanks for dropping by

Jai said...

Nice and a clear view of representing the things..
A clear and vivid description of the problems one might face while shifting..but this is too bad in UK, that you need to clean every spec of dirt..its ok..things shud be maintained properly but when people live there might be things like fingerpronts on door n all, which is very obvious that it will that is too much..anyways don't take much strain, do calmly and unpack the things only what is required at present...:)
Rest, take good care of your hand...ok...
And keep writing more like this...

Take Care,
BBye and hav a nice time blogging..:)

ashes said...

Nice write-up of a mundane task. Shifting houses is a pain anywhere in the world. It becomes all the more troublesome in countries like UK where you cannot afford to hire someone else to do that for you.

Anyway, hope that your hand is back to normal now and in a condition to type down more posts for us.

Dimple said...

yes, its very painful. I hope you never got a chance to change a house, isn't it?

thanks for asking :). my hand is fine now... as I took complete rest on monday. arre yaar kitna bhi pehle se clean karo, ya baad mein karo, the agent will deduct atleast half of the deposit :(.

the routine cleanliness was already there. but yes, its good to start for the spic n spac cleaning in advance.

Thanks for your concern. My hand is absolutely fine now. As you asked me to visit doctor, I will write soon a post on GP(General Practitioner) of here too.

Yes.. its too much here. However, you clean a house, it will be not be as good and clean as if no one has used it ever. But thats what the rule and thats there agreement. No one can help it. Yeah!!! still some more unpacking and organising is left, will do it slowly slowly.

Yes, the trouble is- for any manpower work they charge like anything. You know, due to any reason if you want to get a new key how much they will charge? Its straight away £80(= Rs 6080(approx.)) for just a work of 15 mins.

Yes, my hand is now fine and will be publishing new post soon.

Pallav said...

u got some awards
Do check my post


Priya Joyce said...

ahhh..movin to a new home is real pain...i can completely understand tat..
tc hope u r fyn now..
sorry am late..but all blames to the net connection :P

Dimple said...

thanks a lot, and visit the next post on it.

Dimple said...

yes.. now absolutely fine.

I came to know thorugh news and friends that these days India is going through tough times of heavy electricity cut etc, so I can understand about the net connection too.